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Children’s Treatments and Treats at our Family Dentist

First and foremost, Indigo Little is a Preventative Family Practice.

We pride ourselves as a family friendly dental practice. Our waiting room is comfortable, elegant and child friendly, much like a family living room. We have a Dr Zeuss themed Kiddies Play Area with toys and children’s books as well as a little library of Classic Children’s books, which our smaller patient’s are welcome to borrow from.

Dr Little loves treating children and has specifically chosen her team, in order to create a special environment that children respond well to.

Our Kiddie patients love coming in to see us. Drop in to the surgery on a weekday afternoon after school and you can see for yourself!

Childrens’ Hygiene Treatments:

For our younger patients, Dr Little will carry out a polish with their choice of fruit flavoured special polish. This is not charged for.

If there is stubborn buildup, we may need to use an ultrasonic machine, much like that used on adults but on a very low setting, to “Tickle Clean” these teeth, before polishing teeth. There is normally a small fee for this, of £25.

For teenage patients wearing braces or with a lot of plaque and calculus build up, the fee is £49, to reflect the complexity of the treatment.

Children’s Hygienist Appointments:

It is very important to start early, in teaching children the importance of good oral hygiene. This builds a solid foundation in healthy oral hygiene habits, allowing your child to keep their baby teeth until their adult teeth naturally cause them to exfoliate (fall out). More importantly, when those all important Adult teeth come through, they will have the skill to keep them Squeaky Clean, and free of decay or gum disease.

What to expect during an appointment with our Hygienist:

  • They will chat to your child about good oral hygiene and dietary habits,
  • They will show them how much plaque is present in their mouth by using a special (vegetable) die to disclose the plaque,
  • They will then demonstrate brushing technique. We recommend that your child brings their own toothbrush to this appointment so that they get to practice with their own brush and it also adds a degree of familiarity to the process
  • A thorough clean and polish of your child’s teeth will then be carried out
  • Finally, our hygienist will give your child a special gift of the Indigo Little CD with “Super Star Teeth”, which lasts for just the right amount of time that your child should spend brushing their teeth

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