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Dental Check-Up for Your Healthy Smile

At Indigo Little preventative dental care is at the heart of all treatment. We generally recommend our patients come in for their routine dental check-up every six months. Regular examinations allows us to catch any problems as soon as possible and help you maintain a healthy smile that can last a lifetime.

Cost for dental check-up: £65 for new patients / £49 for existing patients. Book today. 020 8099 1092

Your dental check-up: what to expect

The Indigo Little dental check-up is a one-hour appointment with Dr. Little, the head dentist. It covers 10 key points in assessing your dental health.

  1. Updating your personal and medical history
  2. Discuss how you feel about your oral health and any concerns you may have
  3. Checking the jaw and the jaw joint for evidence of wear and damage
  4. Assessing lymph nodes in the neck to see if there are any swellings due to oral infections
  5. Examining external tissues of the mouth and all internal oral tissue (palette, tongue, cheeks)
  6. Checking for oral cancer
  7. Checking the alignment of your teeth
  8. Assess the health of gums, any recession or pocketing around the teeth
  9. Checking the teeth for decay, fractures and wear. We also check all existing dental work (fillings, implants, etc.) to ensure that all is as it should be
  10. Checking for evidence of tooth grinding (bruxism), as well as acid erosion

If needed, Dr. Little will take photographs or X-rays, which are kept on record. Finally, Dr. Little will develop a personalised treatment plan based on findings and your preferences. She will discuss the results of your check-up and treatment plan options in detail.

Dental check-up frequency

For all lengthy or complex treatment, Dr. Little writes to you with the personalised treatment plan letter to follow up if you have any questions. All your dental records will be maintained throughout your six monthly check-ups so that we can monitor your dental health and be able to advise you best on how to maintain it. In the long term, this lowers the chance of needing restorative work in the future.

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