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Dental Implants

Your tooth loss may be caused by injury, decay or gum disease. For many years, a bridge was the only option to replace missing teeth. Today, a dental implant is an excellent solution.

Dental implants are replacement teeth that have a root. With this root, implants provide a strong setting for a permanent or removable replacement tooth (or teeth). Dental implants are also used to make partial or full dentures more secure – so there’s no more loose denture feeling.

Patients appreciate dental implants for many reasons:

  • Far easier for daily life, working just like natural teeth.
  • Last much longer than other treatments.
  • High-quality, long-lasting materials that look and feel like natural teeth.
  • Improved dental hygiene.

Imagine smiling confidently again, no longer worrying about gaps and missing teeth.

Our Success Stories !

Dr. Little has many, many happy patients with beautiful smiles thanks to dental implants. These pictures show the difference that is possible – in just an hour or so!

Take a look at our “Gallery of Beautiful Smiles.”

Fabulous match !

Dr. Little restored this implant with a crown that matched very closely the characteristics of the patient’s natural front tooth. Can you tell?


Dental Implants


Delighted with his new smile

This patient lost an upper front tooth due to trauma as a teenager. Root canal treatment and crown because infected and failed. The patient wore a denture – but was not happy with it.

Solution: A bone graft was necessary to replace jaw bone lost to long-term infection. An implant was placed (painlessly) six months later. After another two months, the patient had a crown on top.

Outcome: Absolute delight! The patient felt it was the best decision he had ever made. He felt like he had his natural tooth again. Although initially apprehensive about the bone graft, he actually felt only minor discomfort.




Thrilled with his great smile

This patient was born without multiple adult teeth, a condition called hypodontia. The remaining teeth were starting to become loose and worn down, and required replacement. Our patient was still young, and did not want to start wearing dentures.

Solution: Quinn extracted the primary teeth, and a temporary denture was used while the gums healed. 7 implants (4 in bottom, 3 in top) were painlessly applied. The gaps were restored with 3 implant bridges. The bottom bridge was a 10-unit long-span bridge.

The very back existing adult teeth were restored with gold onlays to maintain the bite.

Outcome: The patient was thrilled with the result! He was so happy to have a long-term solution that avoided wearing dentures.




Delighted with her beautiful smile

Problem: Our patient had a missing upper molar due to a failed bridge. She was very conscious of the gap when she smiled, and wanted a fixed tooth replacement option. She did not want to damage any more teeth with a fixed bridge.

Solution: We gave her an implant (painlessly). Two months later, we placed a crown on top.

Outcome: Patient was absolutely delighted with the look and feel of a new tooth. She was surprised how straightforward and painless the procedure was. She would definitely recommend this to friends and family.



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