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Top Tips to Eradicate Your Fears of the Dentist

teeth, health, smile, dentistCountless individuals harbour dental-related phobias. Thankfully, there are a number of effective methods to reduce this anxiety. As a result, you will be more likely to care for your teeth and to avoid unnecessary procedures.

– Speak with a dentist about your fears; he or she will likely answer any questions that you may have.

– You may be able to undergo sedation during the treatment itself.

– It is a good idea to bring a friend, as there is always emotional strength in numbers.

“When it comes to going to the dentist, it is often the anticipation that is a lot worse than the actual experience.”

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Say Goodbye to Gaps in Between Your Teeth

teeth, health, smile, dentistIf you have grown tired of a gap in between your teeth, there are several treatments which are able to provide aesthetically pleasing and permanent results. What are three modern methods and why have they proven to be so advantageous? Let’s take a closer look.

– Porcelain veneers can be used to fill larger gaps. They will not easily stain and they are very durable.
– In the case that you are missing a tooth, an implant is the best option.
– Dental bonding can be utilised to address smaller gaps.

“Schedule a consultation with your dentist to talk about your treatment options.”

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The Best-Kept Oral Hygiene Secrets

teeth,oral health, dental health,While a dentist recommends that we brush our teeth after every meal, there is another time of the day that is crucial in order to protect against cavities and tooth decay. This unique window occurs immediately before going to sleep. What is the rationale here?

– Less saliva during our sleep exposes teeth to plaque.

– Acidic foods can take their toll overnight.

– Brushing immediately after an acidic meal may do more harm than good, as this substance temporarily weakens enamel.

“The most important time to clean your teeth is just before you go to sleep.”

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Teeth Grinding and Dental Health

dentist , health, teeth ,smileTeeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common habit but many people ignore it and the possible damage it can cause. Grinding the teeth exerts huge pressure which has been estimated to be up to ten times more powerful than that exerted when chewing food. This pressure can cause:

– Damage to tooth enamel

– Fractured and chipped teeth

– Inflamed and damaged gums

Grinding your teeth may seem unimportant but “the cumulative effects can cause serious damage” and it is advisable to discuss the issue with your dentist. Further information about the damage caused by bruxism can be found at

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Are Itching Gums a Cause for Concern?

teeth health smile dentistItchy gums can have many causes and, in the vast majority of cases, are a minor irritation and nothing to worry about. However, if the problem persists it would be wise to consult your dentist as to a possible underlying condition that may require attention. Itchy gums generally clear up quickly but attention should be paid if:

– Gums become red and inflamed

– Swelling or aches develop

– Gums bleed regularly

Healthy gums are vital for healthy teeth and itching gums can be an indication of problems and you “should visit a dentist if symptoms persist”. Further information can be found at

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Excessive Fluoride May Be Dangerous

teeth health smile dentist childrenIn many countries, fluoride has been added to drinking water to protect against cavities. Many toothpastes also contain fluoride for the same reason. However, excessive fluoride may have adverse effects to a developing fetus.

Potential dangers include:

– Excess fluoride exposure could harm the fetus’ mental development.

– Excess fluoride can change tooth colour.

– Pregnant women should be careful about fluoride exposure. However, mMore research needs to be performed in order to encounter conclusive results.

“Chronic excessive intake of fluoride can lead to discolouration of teeth and skeletal fluorosis, a condition that results in extreme joint and skeletal pain.”

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Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower IQ in kids, study says

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Should Wisdom Teeth Always Be Removed?

smile teeth health dentistThere are mixed opinions as to whether or not wisdom teeth should always be removed. While one dentist would recommend extraction in all cases, another would be quite happy to leave them alone as long as they aren’t likely to cause problems. The biggest problem occurs when they become impacted which means:

– There is no room for the teeth to grow

– Nearby teeth are pushed out of position

– The teeth cannot break through the gums

If your dentist is satisfied with your situation “there’s really no reason to remove your wisdom teeth” and you can read more at

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Understanding Dead Teeth

teeth health smile dental diabetes teethwhiteningYour tooth is dead if no blood is flowing to it or it has dying nerves. Here are the causes, symptoms, treatments and prevention methods for dead teeth.

Key takeaways:

– Symptoms include swelling, bad odour, bad taste, discolouration and pus build up in the pulp cavity.

– Non-vital teeth are caused by untreated tooth cavities or trauma from falls that cut off blood supply to type.

– Your dentist can either perform root canal therapy or extraction, where damage is severe.

Prevention includes quality oral hygiene and regular checkups by the dentist.

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Dental Implant Options

teeth health smile dentistDental implants are an excellent way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The simplest implant is a screw inserted into the jawbone with a crown attached to the end but different problems require different solutions. When it’s complete, it looks exactly like your other teeth- even the same colour.

Before fitting you with a dental implant, a dentist will carry out a thorough examination on the:

– General state of oral health

– Bone density of the jaw

– Proposed location of implant

Even if you have been “missing teeth for years” dental implants are the best choice for natural-looking replacement teeth. Dental implants will last a very long time if you practice good oral hygiene.

You can read about the different options at

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Encouraging your children’s healthy dental habits

teeth health smile dentistPromoting positive dental habits in your children from an early age establishes a solid routine to last a lifetime.

Key takeaways:

– As soon as your child’s first tooth comes through, it can be brushed, and as soon as two teeth that touch emerge, flossing can be introduced.

– If you have more than one child, you can encourage the older one to teach younger siblings.

– Make dental check-ups fun and reward good oral care habits.

“Getting your kids to adopt healthy dental habits is crucial to having a strong smile for life!”

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Orthodontic Accessories for Adults: Avoiding Eyesores

teeth, health, smile, dentistMany adults visit their dentist in the hopes of finding methods to straighten their teeth without having to employ traditional braces. There are actually a number of turnkey solutions at your disposal. Let’s look at three common options.

– Clear plastic aligners which slowly change the alignment of your teeth.

– Clear brackets.

– Lingual braces placed on the reverse side of your teeth.

“Don’t wait to get straight teeth—schedule an appointment with your local orthodontist to start your journey to a better smile today!”

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Why The Health Of Your Gums Is Important

teeth health smile dentistAccording to recent research, oral health can have a direct effect on our overall health.

Key takeaways:

– Scientists believe that gum disease is linked with serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease

– Pregnancy complications are also linked with gum disease

– Preventative measures include keeping toothbrushes clean and replacing them frequently, and brushing teeth and tongue after meals

– Reducing sugar and carbohydrate intake can also help prevent gum disease

You should also visit your dentist regularly to get a thorough cleaning and prevent future problems.

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How cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile

teeth,smile, dentist, healthIf you are not happy with your teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help, whatever the issue.

– Using techniques of cosmetic dentistry, your dentist can straighten and whiten teeth, and close tooth gaps.

– Dentists can replace missing teeth with implants, bridges and dentures.

– With bonding and veneers can improve any imperfections in your teeth – a chipped tooth, uneven teeth, or discoloured teeth.

Do not underestimate the positive impact a beautiful smile can have on the rest of your life – with increased confidence, you can achieve anything! Why not make that appointment with your dentist today to discuss what cosmetic dentisty can do for you?

“The best part about modern cosmetic dentistry is it doesn’t hurt.”

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Do our teeth hold the key to dental advances?

teeth health smile dentistScientists are currently investigating the use of human stem cells to grow teeth. If successful, this means that dental implants or even dentures could a thing of the past.

Key takeaways

– Stem cells are primitive cells that can become any kind of cell

– Stem cells could be used to repair tooth decay or even replace entire teeth

– It may be possible to extract cells from baby or wisdom teeth

Teeth have already been ‘grown’ in animals in the lab; future studies will investigate the application of stem cell technology in human clinical trials.


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Laser Teeth Whitening

smile health teeth dentistLaser teeth whitening is a safe procedure that can give you a wonderful smile. A special bleaching solution is applied to the teeth followed by low heat in a process that takes about an hour.

Key takeaways:

– Find an experienced dentist who is skilled at teeth whitening

– Use de-sensitizing toothpaste for the first few days after whitening

– Have teeth professionally cleaned prior to treatment

Laser teeth whitening is a quick and safe procedure when carried out properly.

“Proper protective measures and accurate application of the whitening solution can help perfect your smile.”

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Infections and Abscesses: Know The Facts

teeth health  smile dentistInfections within the teeth occur when the nerves inside die or become damaged. Bacteria builds up around the affected area, which can spread and lead to an abscess.

– Tooth pain or a swelling on the gum could be a sign of infection or an abscess.

– In some cases, root canal treatment can be used to clean out the infected area.

– See a dentist regularly to detect dental problems that can lead to an infection.

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Detecting inflammation after dental implants: could chewing gum be the answer?

teeth health smile dentistAbout 6-15% of patients who receive dental implants to replace their teeth subsequently develop bacterial inflammation. In future, these patients may be able to use a diagnostic chewing gum to detect early signs of inflammation.

Key takeaways:

– The diagnostic chewing gum detects bacterial inflammation, releasing a bitter taste and prompting patients to visit their dentist for treatment

– It is important to detect post-implant inflammation as early as possible to avoid serious complications

– If successful, this diagnostic method could be applied to other conditions

“It will take two to three years until the gum is commercially available.”

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Oral cancer screening for dental health

teeth health smile dentistOral cancer might be an uncommon disease but it is fatal and can hugely destroy your teeth. The problem is, most patients suffer from oral cancer without even knowing it, thus the need for screening.

Key takeaways:

– People who do not smoke or have any symptoms should start oral cancer screening at the age of 18.

– The moment you start smoking, you should schedule a few screenings per year.

– Oral cancer screenings are painless and can be done by your dentist.

Avoid smoking and visit your dentist regularly for screening.

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Bullying is a cause of teeth-grinding in teenagers

teeth health smile dentistThere is a reason to be more concerned if your teenager grinds their teeth. According to research, teenagers who are being bullied have more chances of having a teeth-grinding condition.

Key takeaways:

– Signs of teeth-grinding include; pain in the jaw and ears that radiates to the head, chipped and cracked teeth and increased sensitivity.

– Pay attention especially at night when bruxism is at its peak and look out for noises similar to a circular jaw.

– Manage bruxism by using other stress-relieving methods.

Visit the dentist for repair of damaged teeth.

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