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Laser Teeth Whitening

smile health teeth dentistLaser teeth whitening is a safe procedure that can give you a wonderful smile. A special bleaching solution is applied to the teeth followed by low heat in a process that takes about an hour.

Key takeaways:

– Find an experienced dentist who is skilled at teeth whitening

– Use de-sensitizing toothpaste for the first few days after whitening

– Have teeth professionally cleaned prior to treatment

Laser teeth whitening is a quick and safe procedure when carried out properly.

“Proper protective measures and accurate application of the whitening solution can help perfect your smile.”

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Infections and Abscesses: Know The Facts

teeth health  smile dentistInfections within the teeth occur when the nerves inside die or become damaged. Bacteria builds up around the affected area, which can spread and lead to an abscess.

– Tooth pain or a swelling on the gum could be a sign of infection or an abscess.

– In some cases, root canal treatment can be used to clean out the infected area.

– See a dentist regularly to detect dental problems that can lead to an infection.

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Detecting inflammation after dental implants: could chewing gum be the answer?

teeth health smile dentistAbout 6-15% of patients who receive dental implants to replace their teeth subsequently develop bacterial inflammation. In future, these patients may be able to use a diagnostic chewing gum to detect early signs of inflammation.

Key takeaways:

– The diagnostic chewing gum detects bacterial inflammation, releasing a bitter taste and prompting patients to visit their dentist for treatment

– It is important to detect post-implant inflammation as early as possible to avoid serious complications

– If successful, this diagnostic method could be applied to other conditions

“It will take two to three years until the gum is commercially available.”

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Oral cancer screening for dental health

teeth health smile dentistOral cancer might be an uncommon disease but it is fatal and can hugely destroy your teeth. The problem is, most patients suffer from oral cancer without even knowing it, thus the need for screening.

Key takeaways:

– People who do not smoke or have any symptoms should start oral cancer screening at the age of 18.

– The moment you start smoking, you should schedule a few screenings per year.

– Oral cancer screenings are painless and can be done by your dentist.

Avoid smoking and visit your dentist regularly for screening.

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Bullying is a cause of teeth-grinding in teenagers

teeth health smile dentistThere is a reason to be more concerned if your teenager grinds their teeth. According to research, teenagers who are being bullied have more chances of having a teeth-grinding condition.

Key takeaways:

– Signs of teeth-grinding include; pain in the jaw and ears that radiates to the head, chipped and cracked teeth and increased sensitivity.

– Pay attention especially at night when bruxism is at its peak and look out for noises similar to a circular jaw.

– Manage bruxism by using other stress-relieving methods.

Visit the dentist for repair of damaged teeth.

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Does Dry Mouth Cause Tooth Decay?

smile beauty teethDehydration, breathing through your mouth and certain medications can interfere with saliva production. Saliva protects teeth from acid and bacteria which can lead to plaque and enamel erosion.

Key takeaways

– Drink plenty of water

– Check with your GP if your medication is making your mouth feel dry

– See your dentist if bad breath is becoming an issue

A dry mouth can lead to dental problems so talk to your dentist or doctor if you think you suffer from this condition.

“Our teeth are meant to be constantly bathed in saliva for a reason!”

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Studies reveal that genetics can cause poor oral health

teeth health smile dentistDo you know, that you can inherit poor dental health from your parents? According to medical studies, genetics can affect your health, from chronic diseases to teeth problems. Here is how.

Key takeaways:

– You might genetically inherit crooked and crowded teeth.

– People with autoimmune disorders in their families have higher chances of developing gum disease.

– Children whose parents suffered from tooth decay are prone to cavities.

Ensure that you avoid smoking and alcohol, brush and floss and regularly visit the dentist for check ups.

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How To Avoid ‘Dry Socket’ After Wisdom Tooth Removal

teeth health smile dental childrenAlthough the removal of wisdom teeth is a straightforward process, after-care is important. Following the procedure, blood clots develop to protect the gum and nerves. Dislodging these could lead to ‘dry socket’, which can cause sensitivity and infections.

– Brush and floss to keep teeth and gums clean.
– To promote healing, avoid smoking, carbonated drinks and straws. Try not to touch or disturb the area.

– Ensure that you visit your dentist for check-ups, to ensure the area heals properly.

A blood clot helps protect the socket as it heals.

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What you should know about antibacterial toothpaste and mouthwash

teeth health smile dentist childrenSome mouthwash and toothpastes contain antibacterial products which may break the natural cycle of nitric oxide production in the body and lead to deficiencies. Your tongue is especially sensitive to antibacterials, and mouthwash containing triclosan can kill the good bacteria on the tongue. This triggers inflammation throughout the body – increasing risk of heart disease and other serious health problems.

Key takeaways

– Eat a diet rich in vitamin and nutrients, including leafy green vegetables

– Don’t brush your tongue with toothpaste containing triclosan

– Avoid antibacterial mouthwash

You can keep your teeth clean and healthy by brushing twice daily and having regular checkups with your dentist.

“it appears that there are a number of immune defense mechanisms in saliva, one of which involves nitric oxide.”

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Things you should eat for healthier teeth

teeth health smile dentistA healthy diet is one way of improving dental wellness. Eating well strengthens and protects your teeth from the inside, unlike any mouthwash or toothpaste. Nutritious foods and drinks can help boost your immunity and prevent gum disease.

Key takeaways:

– Drink healthy; dairy products like milk, natural orange juice and chocolate, tea and water.

– Eat fruits like, pomegranates, apples, almonds, kiwi and pears.

– Other teeth-healthy foods are collards, kale, carrots, onions, sesame seeds, whole grains, sardines, salmon, ragi and tofu.

Remember to brush regularly and visit the dentist for checkups.

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Eating Your Way to a Healthier Smile

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Mucus and your teeth

teeth health smile dentalMucus contains proteins that have been shown to have a protective effect on the teeth by preventing the detrimental impact of oral bacteria.

Key takeaways

– Mucus is found in the linings of the body such as the lungs, mouth and cervix

– Recent research has suggested that synthetic mucus could be added to toothpaste and chewing gum to improve oral health

– See your dentist if you have any concerns about your dental health

While toothpaste and mouthwash kill bacteria, mucus prevents the bacteria itself from attaching to teeth and causing holes in the enamel.”

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Never Ignore Bleeding Gums

teeth health smileIf your gums bleed when you brush your teeth you should probably schedule an appointment with your dentist because you may have gum disease.

Key takeaways

– Gum disease occurs in stages and can be treated if caught early

– Early signs of gum disease include red and irritated gums which bleed easily

– Left untreated, gum disease can cause receding gums and even tooth loss

If you are worried about your gums your dentist can check them and plan the best course of treatment for you.

Your gums should be firm and pink, not puffy and red“.


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Need to know: teeth grinding

teeth health smile dentistMany people grind their teeth. Teeth grinding or “bruxism” can be triggered by anxiety and stress or may be a sign of a sleep disorder. It can cause headaches, sensitive teeth and long term problems in the jaw.

Key takeaways:

– Cut down on alcohol, caffeine and smoking which increase the risk

– See a dentist who will assess the cause and provide customized treatment

– Untreated teeth grinding will cause long term damage to your teeth and jaw

A dentist has the expertise to treat teeth grinding.

“over-the-counter guards might not offer the same protection”

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Looking After Your Teeth and Gums Could Be More Important Than Ever

teeth health smileYour dentist will emphasise the importance of a thorough oral hygiene routine, in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, recent research suggests that this may help to protect more than your smile.

– A study was carried out, which selected patients suffering from cirrhosis of the liver.

– Cirrhosis of the liver causes upto 2% of all deaths.

– Outcomes indicated a possible link between those also suffering from a severe gum disease (perionditis) and mortality.

Studies have suggested that periodontitis is involved in the progression of liver diseases. Read the full story here:


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Regulate your intake of fluoride products to prevent Dental fluorosis

teeth dentist health smileDental fluorosis is a prevalent condition caused by consumption of excess fluoride and characterised by brown or white lines and spots on teeth. It might be painless but it can destroy your smile.

Key takeaways:

– Drinking water with concentrated amounts of fluoride and overusing toothpaste are the main cause of dental fluorosis.

– Excess Fluoride makes the enamel to lack efficient minerals.

– Dental fluorosis can be treated through cosmetic whitening and masking by the dentist.

Remember to keep toothpaste where children can’t reach and constantly check your water for excess fluoride.

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White Patches Might Increase Risk of Oral Cancer

teeth health smile dentistLeukoplakia is the medical term describing a wide range of oral sores, including thick white patches on the gums, tongue and mouth cavity. Most people brush white patches off, because they are temporary. However, apart from ruining your smile and teeth, leukoplakia can lead to oral cancer.

Key takeaways:

– Causes include; smoking, ulcers, HPV, excessive use of whiteners, poor quality braces and retainers, alcohol, weak immune system, chewing certain nuts and steroid inhalers.

– Symptoms of Leukoplakia are white, grey or transparent patches on tongue, gums, under the tongue and in the cheeks.

– The dentist will do biopsies, if it is pre-cancerous, more tests are done. Otherwise, the patches are removed by scalpel and medication (in cases of HIV).

You can prevent Leukoplakia by avoiding smoking, alcohol, abrasive whiteners and hot foods, cleaning your teeth and visiting your dentist regularly.

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Why laser technology is making trips to the dentist less scary

teeth health smile dentistThe new laser technology being used by dentists is a method of teeth treatment that does not involve Novocaine injections and uneasy drilling. Instead of using those scary looking tools, the dentist uses a laser to remove any decay and bond-fill your teeth without you feeling any pain. Here are more reasons why laser technology is making trips to the dentist less scary.
Key takeaways
– You can comfortably visit your dentist without fears of intimidating needles and tools.
– The new laser technology can be used to painlessly treat cavities, fill teeth and in root canal therapy.
– According to experts, laser technology will lead to other advances like using an oral rinse to strengthen implants.
Do not compromise your smile and teeth. Make a call to a dental clinic that offers Laser treatment and brush and floss at least twice every day.
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Have Scientists Uncovered an Early Example of Dentistry?

smile dentist teeth healthHeading off to the local dentist to clean our teeth, to fill a cavity or to address an issue with our smile is a decidedly modern practice. However, this observation may soon be changing. A set of teeth dated to no fewer than 13,000 years in the past is beginning to challenge these perceptions.

Several modifications seem to be related to medicinal requirements. These could indicate that a crude understanding of oral hygiene was present much earlier than previously thought.

– They found bitumen within the teeth; a possible indication that it was used to treat an infection.

– Some chipping of the surfaces could have been done to remove a damaged portion of enamel.

– It is not yet known whether these are signs of a rudimentary dental intervention.

“So, was this therapeutic dentistry? Maybe not—after all, lots of these neolithic groups modified their teeth for non-health related reasons, write the authors.”

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The Impact of Acid Reflux Upon Teeth

smile health dentist teethAcid reflux is also known as GERD (gastraesophageal reflux disease). Its most noticeable symptoms are heartburn, cramping and a sensitive stomach. However, many of us are unaware that this condition can also impact the enamel of our teeth over time. Should this acid enter the mouth on a regular basis, it can erode the enamel and lead to more serious problems such as cavities or even the death of a tooth.

Are there any ways to mitigate these effects?

  • It is best to avoid foods and drinks that are acidic.
  • Remain active immediately after a meal as opposed to lying down.
  • If you think that you may have acid reflux, schedule a trip to the dentist as soon as possible.

“If you think you suffer from GERD, schedule an appointment with your doctor to diagnose and treat the condition before it has a chance to hurt your smile.”

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Reasons Why Some People May Be More Vulnerable To Cavities

teeth health smile dentistIt is well known that the risk of developing cavities and tooth decay can be minimized with a thorough oral hygiene routine of brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist. However, despite following these guidelines, there are certain factors which can increase the likelihood of suffering from these problems:

– There are certain medications which can increase the chances of developing tooth decay. Individuals suffering from eating disorders also have an increased risk of cavities.

– If certain areas are harder to reach when brushing and flossing, bacteria can build up, which can then cause damage to the teeth.

– Sucrose left in the mouth, as a result of eating sugary foods, can cause any bacteria to multiply more rapidly. This then increases the rate at which tooth decay can develop.

Although these factors can increase the risk of developing cavities, regular check ups at the dentist can help to identify and treat problems in their early stages. Seeing your dentist regularly helps rectify the problem, so you can have a smile to be proud of.

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