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Treatment of TMJ in Children

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ is a dysfunction of the mastication muscles and/or the joints that connect the jaw to the brain. They are not common among children but can show as they are growing older. The three main things to know about the treatment of TMJ disorders are: – There are non-invasive treatments that use […]

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Posted by adwords on 29th June 2018, under Miscellaneous

Recent Study Links Chemicals Within Baby Teeth to Autism

A recent study found that levels of copper and zinc within baby teeth could increase the chances that the cognitive disorder autism will develop. Researchers have discovered some very interesting findings. – Minerals like copper and zinc are metabolised and deposited within baby teeth. – Abnormal levels of these two minerals could indicate autism. – […]

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Posted by adwords on 26th June 2018, under Miscellaneous

Can a Cracked Tooth Be Fixed?

Left untreated, cracked teeth can lead to pain and discomfort and long-term problems. But a crack in a tooth is often almost invisible and undetectable. However, there are some warning signs to be aware of, including: – Sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks – Pain when biting or chewing – Unexplained discomfort around […]

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Posted by adwords on 19th June 2018, under Miscellaneous

How is Novocaine Administered?

You might be slightly nervous if you will soon be receiving Novocaine to treat a problem with your teeth or gums. The good news is that this procedure is normally painless and it will be completed in no time at all. Let’s take a closer look. – The portion of your mouth being addressed will […]

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Posted by adwords on 16th June 2018, under Miscellaneous

What to Do If Your Infant Might Have Gum Disease

If your infant has sore, swollen or bleeding gums, they might have gum disease. Here’s what you should do: – Take your infant to a dentist as soon as possible; gum disease can be treated, preventing more serious problems arising. – Prevent gum disease from developing by cleaning your infant’s mouth thoroughly after feeds with […]

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Posted by adwords on 12th June 2018, under Miscellaneous

Do You Suffer from Sleep Apnea? Here are Some Warning Signs

Sleep apnea is an insidious condition, as most individuals are unaware that it is present. It is still a fact that this disorder can affect the teeth, gums and other important areas within the mouth. What are a handful of indications that you might be experiencing sleep apnea? – The enamel on your teeth has […]

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Posted by adwords on 8th June 2018, under Miscellaneous

The Potential future Impact of Childhood Tooth Trauma

Children a prone to accidentally damaging their teeth as they grow. It is critical to see a dentist, as early treatment may be able to avoid issues in the future. These long-term effects could indeed go far beyond the initial damage. – It is not uncommon for nerve damage to occur as a result of […]

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Posted by adwords on 5th June 2018, under Miscellaneous

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